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Big Blind Friday 2022 | All Episodes

Big Blind Friday 2022 | All Episodes

In this post you can find all 15 episodes that were released in our newsletter series "Big Blind Friday". If you want to receive them in your mailbox each week, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, as we give away free stuff and unreleased material to our newsletter family.

Episode #1 : September 23rd
In this week's newsletter: new series, challenges, flipbooks and more

1. Would you survive in the 1940s as a magician?
2. Markobi wins FISM22 Card Magic section
3. Vintage flipbook magic trick
4. "Collusion" Performance
5. Quote of the week

Episode #2 : September 30th
In this week's newsletter: a comic book, a lost internet gem and more.

1. Sleight of Hand Comic Book
2. Five Points on Being Natural by David Williamson
3. A lost gem
4. Double Marriage by Biz
5. Quote of the week

Episode #3 : October 7th
Limitations, and how they can help us

1. Limitations and Creating
2. A DIABOLICAL color change by Biz
3. "Snap" by Jack Paton
4. Searching for Erdnase Movie
5. Quote of the week

Episode #4 : October 14th
Video snippet, free e-book and creativity boosts

1. Magic challenges 
2. Card Shark PC Game
3. What's happening on Instagram
4. Quote of the week
5. Ideas to Boost your Creativity

Episode #5 : October 21st
A review, community project and music for magicians

1. Music for Magicians by Tristan Magic
2. The Best Definition of Sleight of Hand
3. Reply to this email with ... (community project)
4. ThermoDynamic Playing Cards
5. Quote of the week

Episode #6 : October 28th
A contest, a short movie and other shenanigans

1. November Performance Contest
2. How do you behave around famous magicians?
3. A Magician Home Alone by Zach King
4. Call Of The Wild Performance by Chris James
5. Quote of the week

Episode #7 : November 4th
Interview with Jack Tighe, 50% Amazon Sale and more...

1. Creating Magic Ep. 1 : Jack Tighe
2. Amazon Sale
3. November Contest
4. How do you react to magic?
5. Quote of the week

Episode #8 : November 11th
Reviews, Video of The Month and More

1. Portfolio 52
2. "ACE" by Noel Heath
3. Magic Book Commonplace Ep. 1
4. Contest Reminder
5. Quote of the week

Episode #9 : November 18th
Black Friday Sale, a card game and more

1. Trickerion Board Game
2. The A.C.A.A.N. Game
3. Sanderson's Laws of Magic
4. This Week on Instagram
5. Quote of the week

Episode #10 : November 25th
A horror short, Dani on Fool Us and more

1. Sleight Horror Short
2. Think With Your Hands
3. Dani's Act on Fool Us
4. This Week on Instagram
5. Quote of the week

Episode #11 : December 2nd
Dark Magic, filming new releases, actionability and more

1. Competition Closed
2. Organizing Magic by Actionability
3. Dark Magic 1939 Movie
4. Real Magic with Siri
5. Quote of the week

Episode #12 : December 9th
David Devant, Mario Lopez, Siri and more

1. Magic Commonplace Book Ep. 2 : David Devant Tales
2. November Competition Winners
3. Lopez Card Warp
4. Brief History of Magicians
5. What's happening on Instagram

Episode #13 : December 16th
This issue is all about robots and magicians !

1. Robot Performs Magic @TED
2. ANIFEX Has Replied
3. Micro Documentary by Asi Wind
4. Pen and Teller Video Game
5. Magicians Life in the Impossible

Episode #14 : December 23rd
Christmas magic, magicians and sleight of hand

1. Sleight of Hand Animation REVIEW
2. Christmas Magic Playlist
3. Cape Town's College of Magic
4. Eric Chien Wins Ultimate Magician on BGT
5. 10 Controls you Might Not Know


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