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The A.C.A.A.N Game - A Card Game for Magicians

The A.C.A.A.N Game - A Card Game for Magicians


The first ever computer game that I finished was a Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Gameboy Color. I was 11. It took me close to 2 months, I believe. I still remember to this day the happiness it brought to me, starting something and completing it.

In General School (age 12) I sold bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters playing cards in order to buy myself a Play Station 2. My dad always bragged to his friends about this period in my childhood, always saying I'd become an entrepreneur like him.

Card games have always fascinated me. It was less the lore and story and more the rules and gameplay that piqued my interest. It was only in 2015 that I had my first idea for an original card game and it took me 5 years to make it reality.

Since publishing my first game on Kickstarter, I felt like I've embarked on a mission of discovering and creating as many sleight of hand and cardistry card games as possible. Like an addict getting his hit, I'd feel exalted every time I'd come across a new idea that other card-nerds might be able to whip out and play together with. And that's what I want to share with you today!

What are magic card games good for?

If you're a Magic The Gathering fan, know that this has nothing to do with that. 

I love spicing up a jam session with a good card game. I've noticed that playing a magic or sleight of hand themed card game with other magicians lights up the atmosphere and gives everyone at the table a chance to participate. 

Maybe you've heard of the famous Chris Ramsay game "You Flash you Lose". He's played it quite a couple of times with his friends on his channel and every time they have such a good time. He's recently played it with Mario Lopez and his friends in Barcelona. 

A good card game can also spark up new ideas for moves or effects. Back in 2017 I played "Harapan's Game" with Mario Lopez and we came up with so many wacky ideas, all the time laughing and having a good time. 

A card game also inspires people to drop their guard down and embrace performing. Whereas many shy away from showing something to their fellow magicians, in a game environment, people are much more likely to perform something even if they end up failing. 

So, card games are useful. But, are they fun? Is there a 'fun' card game out there that magicians can play and challenge each other? 

There is and it's called the "A.C.A.A.N. Game" !

The A.C.A.A.N. Game

The rules are simple. Someone names a card. You look through the deck once without altering any of the card's positions. You take all the information you want and lay the deck down. Should take you a maximum of 10 seconds to do this.

The other player then names a number. You then must do whatever you can in order to make that card arrive at their number.

Examples: Someone names the 3 of clubs. You go through the deck and see it's at the 11th position. The other player then chooses the number 24. What you can do in this case is spell out "24" and then show them their card! Or, you can deal 2 cards, then 4 and lastly 3, placing you in perfect position to execute a double lift and show them their card. 

But what if they name the Jack of Diamonds and 31, but your card is 3rd from the top? Well, you can deal 3 cards face down, place the cards back on top of the deck, apologize, say you forgot it had to be done left handed in order to work, deal 31, show a random card, apologize, place all the cards back on top of the deck and say you remember THEY had to deal, not you (and now your card is in perfect position).

You get the drill. You must improvise. Use every piece of information that you have in order to make the ACAAN happen. It's more engaging if you use as little sleight of hand as possible as it pushes your creativity further.

Try it out ! - PDF Files

I've put together a small PDF with all the instructions you need in order to play this game with your friends, by yourself or on social media, if you're doing LIVEs.

Download the file here.



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