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Big Blind Media is a magic media company dedicated to producing the very best magic instructional tutorials and the coolest playing cards available today. Formed by Owen Packard in 2004, the company ethos has always been simple - teach magic in the clearest, most accessible way possible using the very best teachers.

“When I really got into magic as a hobby back in the early 2000’s,” explains Bigblindmedia founder Owen Packard, “I was often disappointed about how unfocused a lot of teaching material was. Resources to learn an essential sleight might be confusing, or diluted because 50 variations of the move were taught rather than a curated list of the variations that worked best.

It was also a time where the age of one-on-one mentoring and learning by diligently searching out mysteries from dusty books was starting to be superseded by online resources and instant access to secrets. It all just felt like the art of magic was at a crossroads and I became truly excited about trying to create a company that would be a welcoming, community-minded hub for those wanting to learn magic.

The core of the brand has always been to present the strongest, most innovative and WORKABLE magic around in the 21st century - and to teach it in the clearest, most enjoyable way possible.”

With a background in music video and television production, Bigblindmedia were also able to bring a dynamic and glossy edge to their projects, and this has enticed some of the biggest names in magic (Greg Wilson, John Bannon, Joshua Jay, Liam Montier, Cameron Francis, David Solomon, Paul Zenon, Andi Gladwin, Alan Rorrison etc) to collaborate on releases.

Bigblindmedia is also home to the immensely popular Karnival series of Bicycle Decks - boutique, hand designed playing cards with a distinct rock ‘n roll edge.

Check out - an incredible resource for learning magic tricks, sleight of hand & hyper visual shocking magic.

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