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How do you behave around famous magicians?

How do you behave around famous magicians?

There's this video on Youtube where Christiano Ronaldo attempts to drink a cup of tea at a local cafe in Barcelona. The question the video proposes is, “Sips of Tea vs Photos taken" - what will be the ration? Head over to the video if you want to discover the numbers (but it's definitely what you expect).

Since I was a child, I've loved observing people - especially talented, weird or famous ones. One thing I have noticed is that 'famous' people get treated very weirdly, almost shallowly. Here's what I mean.

Enter my time-machine. Put on the helmet. We're going to 2017! 

I was at a convention jamming at a table together with some magicians when Dynamo spotted me and came by to say hello (you probably know who Dynamo is, but if you don't, here's a good article about him). He was rather jolly and honestly enthusiastic to see me (which surprised me a lot). 

We started chatting about the Biz and Zach Take Europe DvD and then we slowly drifted into other subjects, non-magic related. He was telling me about his dogs, showing me some pictures on his phone. This conversation was the basis of our future collaboration a few years later, when one of my friends and I would put together this drawing for him.

Room of a Magician

Can you find all of the Dynamo references in this picture?

At the table were other people that were listening to our discussion. There was a guy of about 24 in front of me and to the right of Dynamo plus a couple of other kids and teens around the table. So, around 5-7 people were listening to our discussion.

Nobody was participating with their own thoughts. It was more of a back and forth discussion between Dynamo and I. Everything was flowing naturally, you know, like when you’re having a nice discussion with a friend, when, out of nowhere this fan-boy sitting at the table in front of me decided it was the PERFECT moment to interrupt us and express his admiration towards Dynamo. Step aside - not only did he interrupt us, but he also asked Dynamo to perform something for him. 


Dynamo stands up and does something quite amazing with a pair of kings. Was truly a nice performance. I have no idea how he did what he did, nor do I clearly remember what it was he did (what I can recall is that he used some sort of psychological force based on gestures). After this, he sat back down at the table and we continued our discussion. 

He showed me some more pictures of his wounded dog. Apparently it had jumped out the window and was on the brink of death. Dynamo invested a lot of money and time and got the best vet in the whole of the UK to save him (which he did).

At this point the fanboy must have heard enough of Dynamo's dogs, cause he decided it was ANOTHER PERFECT TIME to interrupt him and start asking questions about magic and about how Dynamo creates.

Ok. First of all, this guy was acting like a certified asshole (and I don’t even think he was realising it). Some people graduate from Harvard. Other from a Public College. This 24 year old child here graduated full honors from "A$$hole Academy of Arts". In all due honesty, most likely he was fanboying so much deep inside that he just could not stand to lose the opportunity of talking to Dynamo to listen to him talk about his dogs. 

"I don't care about his F**KING dags. MAGIC. TELL ME MAGIC." his mind must've screamed.

Crazy Eyes GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Well, here I am, letting you, dear fanboy, know that you don't have to express your gratitude towards a famous magician. They know. They already know what you will say. They've heard it thousands of times. Yes. It's nice to hear it. Yes. It's nice that they've inspired you. But, and here's an idea - how about you treat them like a normal human being and don't look upon them as a performing monkey or something of an idol with no human past (just work work work). 

You might not be interested in their personal life, fanboy, but if you have respect for them (EVEN A LITTLE BIT), take some time to let the conversation flow naturally towards a subject that interests you. And if it doesn't, be content you're one of the few people on the planet that hasn't treated them like a monkey. 

How do you behave around famous magicians? Tell me in the comment section below!

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