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Colour Heckler by Toby Hudson - Video Download


"There are no knucklebusting sleights involved. These routines are able to be done by each and every one of you without hours of practice. And the best thing about it is the price. $5.50? Are you kidding me? It’s way too cheap. Buy this before Big Blind wakes up and realize what a huge mistake they have made. Obviously, recommended." The Magic Portal

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Colour Heckler is that rarity amongst card magic effects - a genuinely funny trick! It’s super engaging, has lots of phases and is the perfect ‘gather round and check this out’ type of routine!

You offer to demonstrate a ‘classic’ of magic, and remove three red cards and three black cards from the deck. Yet when you re-count them out it seems an extra black card was accidentally added. You chuck it away. But when you recount this time an extra red card shows. Arghhh!

Then it keeps happening. Multiple times. And then things get REALLY crazy!

Watch Toby perform this fun routine and you’ll see what we mean!

Like the classic street hustle ‘Six Card Repeat’ this routine builds and builds with the increasingly impossible appearance of extra cards in each phase. But Toby’s routine has a lovely dynamic arc as just when your audience get used to an extra card appearing it jumps to LOADS of cards.

And if you want to perform a turbo-charged version, you can also learn COLOUR HECKLER GONE WILD - an even crazier routine that starts the same but ends with the entire deck appearing, and all the cards being from other decks!!


Colour Heckler Performed
Colour Heckler Explained
Colour Heckler Gone Wild Performed
Colour Heckler Gone Wild Explained

Running Time - 17min