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The Magic of Toby Hudson

The Magic of Toby Hudson

Tobias wants magic to be fun and accessible for all. His work is often silly and strange, focusing on leaving spectators with curious ideas and interesting stories as opposed to ramming depth and meaning down their throat. He's recently published "Modular Magic" with 3 Monkey's Publishing which encapsulates a vast array of his original card magic. He also hopes to bring his shows to wider audiences soon. Oww, and he owns 17 dogs.
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    Colour Heckler by Toby Hudson - Video Download

    "There are no knucklebusting sleights involved. These routines are able to be done by each and every one of you without hours of practice. And the...

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    The Sheffield Slide by Toby Hudson - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD -  Toby Hudson is a new signing to the BBM stable, and we couldn't be more excited to have him in the family. ...

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    Modular Card Magic by Tobias Hudson - Hardback Book

    Tobias’ first book exploring the strange and oversaturated realm of card magic… He believes magic should be modular in nature, pieces of a puzzle...

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