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GENRE_Learn Sleights

  • £9.86

    This Is The Place by Cameron Francis - Exclusive Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Learn a killer self working card magic principle and FOUR routines to bust it out in! The ooooooold force/contro...

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  • £19.32

    The Mene Tekel Deck Project - Video Download & Deck

    Comes with Bicycle brand Mene Tekel Deck (in Red or Blue) and one hour video download! "Even in the hands of an amateur magician, miracles will b...

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  • £20.00

    Magic Advent Calendar 2022 - 24 exclusive tricks from Liam Montier

    Ooooh - this is a real festive treat! BBM fav Liam Montier has come up with a killer concept for a truly magical December. 24 totally exclusive, br...

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  • Separagon - Woody Aragon

    Separagon - Woody Aragon

    Woody Aragon's name is synonymous with the creation of workable, potent card miracles that require nearly no sleight of hand. He's more about inge...

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  • £23.26

    Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic - Video Download

    "These are real world card tricks from my own personal repertoire." Shin Lim, World Champion Card MagicianWant to take your card magic to next lev...

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