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Easy To Do

All of the magic that we stock that is EASY to perform. There will be some moves or routining, but it will be simple to do.
  • £19.99 £36.00

    Gumfounded and Supa Chupa Scoopa - Bundle Deal

    CRAZY PRICE BUNDLE DEAL - TWO brilliant bits of visual, fun, easy-to-do magic from the awesome Steve Rowe at a crazy price!    GUMFOUNDED ia a gobs...

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  • £14.53

    Supa Chupa Scoopa by Steve Rowe

    "Steve has a lovely little touch with the stick of the lollipop which you can do with any lollipop stock, also making a great little give-a-way ...

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  • £8.47

    Suck It & See Lecture Book by Steve Rowe

    Steve Rowe’s absolutely BRILLIANT lecture notes! Steve Rowe has been lecturing the UK for the last 18 months and the feedback at every club is just...

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  • £11.99

    Tuck Box Reveals by Steve Rowe

    A fantastic addition to any card box, reveal the spectators chosen card.Card reveals can be some of the strongest moments you will experience with ...

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  • £14.99

    Sharpiescopic Peek by Steve Rowe

    This is not a trick, it’s a prop for a gag – when used during a signed card performance it will really create some ‘magical’ moments which will ens...

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  • Sold out

    Fruit Pen & Reveals by Steve Rowe

    FUN AND OFF THE WALL MAGIC - You hand the spectator a sweet, place the sweets down on the table for later. You ask for a card to be selected and si...

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  • £18.17

    Gumfounded by Steve Rowe

    A gobsmacking, organic card reveal on your packet of chewing gum, as seen on Netflix's Magic For Humans! "I love this - there is A LOT of thought ...

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  • At The Table Live Lectures - November 2017

    At The Table Live Lectures - November 2017

    First up this month is Steve Rowe, (lecture goes live on Nov 1st), who has literally exploded onto the magic scene in the last 5 years. Not only is...

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  • Appear-8 (Appearing Eight Ball)
    Sold out
    £19.56 £21.80

    Appear-8 (Appearing Eight Ball)

    APPEAR-8 is a brilliant, visual piece of magic guaranteed to draw shocked reactions from ANY audience. Your deck of cards has an EIGHTBALL printed ...

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  • mINt - card to box by Steve Rowe
    £14.99 £23.99

    mINt - card to box by Steve Rowe

    Steve Rowe’s ‘MinT’ is a killer new card revelation for magicians of any skill level. Make a signed card vanish and reappear inside a transparent m...

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