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Supa Chupa Scoopa by Steve Rowe


"Steve has a lovely little touch with the stick of the lollipop which you can do with any lollipop stock, also making a great little give-a-way to kids. This is a very novel card revelation and something you would get a lot of mileage out of. It is very easy to do, if you can do a double lift you can do this. The novelty is what I really like and will bring a smile to any audience." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

An  incredible transposition between their selection and your lollipop! Comes with a specially printed Bicycle Gaff Card (Red backed) and 12 Lollipop stickers!!

Steve Rowe's SUPA CHUPA SCOOPA is a brilliant, visual, shocking piece of magic that gets huge reactions, and is SUPER EASY TO DO!

A card is selected and lost in the deck. You offer to show off your insane skills and find it... but when you reveal a card, it is WRONG! Quick as a flash you hand your plucky spectator your lollipop and ask them to wave it over the incorrect card just like a mini magic wand. They do, and you turn the erroneous card face up to reveal that it has changed into their selection! BOOM!

After enjoying their reaction for a few moments you ask them to try tapping their selection with the lollipop magic wand a second time. They reach forward and give the card a tap with the lolly. It seems like nothing has happened. And here is where you blow their minds. Their selection is now revealed to have the CHUPA CHUP logo printed on it's face!!!

Wait... if the card has the lollipop logo on it, what's that printed on top of the lollipop that they are holding? IT'S ONLY THE CORNER OF THE PLAYING CARD THEY SELECTED!

Brilliantly commercial, fun magic that will leave your spectator's grinning from ear to ear!

"At its heart, this is a pretty clever, little thing. " Brad Henderson, Genii Magazine