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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by Liam Montier


WWCD is the brand new, self-working piece of mental magic from Liam Montier.

A packet of gorgeous cards are shown, with 'WINNER' on the back, and a picture of either a coin or a note/bill on the face.

NOTE!  The artwork is specially designed to work with UK, US and Euro currency (and probably more!)

Each pair of cards is shown to consist of one coin, and one note.

Now, you deal the first pair in front of a spectator, who chooses one of the cards for themselves.  The next pair you deal in front of yourself, but the SPECTATOR chooses your card for you.

This goes on for three goes each, with the spectator making every choice, and with no forces, ambiguous language, multiple outs, sleights or moves.

With all the decisions made, it's time to see who won what!  You turn over your three cards first to reveal that the spectator chose you THREE 20 NOTES!  You pay yourself your winnings.

The spectator, however, turns over their three cards, and reveals that somehow they have chosen themselves the three coins!  You produce their three pennies / cents etc, and thank them for playing!

No forces, moves or gaffs.  Everything clean and examinable, and fast reset!

Package includes the custom printed cards on thick stock, plastic carry case, and full video instructions.