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Welcome To The Firm - Jamie Badman / Colin Miller


A project from Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - the people who brought you the smash hit Heirloom, (plus Panagram, Sensory Perception and The Underground Collection Books 1&2).

This 90min extravaganza has it all - self workers, mentalism, brand new sleights, some eye popping card chicanery - it's all there! These guys have a STELLA reputation in the magic world - and 'Welcome To The Firm' will show you why!

The Con: Underground Poker - A brain ripping 3 phase gambling routine that is almost SELF WORKING!

The Hustle: Misdirection Monte - Jamie Badman's 'signature routine' featuring the Underground Change - a move so deceptive it lies to itself!

The Rip-off: Lisp Aces - The UC's novel take on the classic Christ Ace Routine which not just provides some excellent motivation for the routine but also leaves the deck ready for Misdirection Monte!

The Wager: Hollywood or Bust - Colin Miller's highly acclaimed approach for taking the revelation of a centre-tear or peek into another realm. World class mentalism. And it's EASY!

The Hit: AceAssins - An action-packed, multi-phase routine that flows like blood out of an freshly-slit artery. This has been a signature UC routine for nearly a decade and now it's yours too!

The Witness: Smash & Grab - A two card peek and control that will fool you, your mum, your spectators and anyone with eyeballs!

The Debt: The Enforcers - Collectors really shouldn't look this good. Perhaps we'll bust its kneecaps - teach it a lesson.

Jamie Badman and Colin Miller

"There are some very clever and bold ideas on this disc; the explanations are very thorough, and all are within the reach of the beginning or intermediate card man." - Antonio M. Cabral, M-U-M Magazine June 2009 "The Underground Collective DVD is full of solid, 'sink your teeth into this' kind of magic, most of which is bordering on sexual." - Liam Montier "This is a great DVD that allows you to REALLY experience the magic of the Underground Collective. Please stop punching me now." - Andi Gladwin The Magic Cafe, May 2009 Magicseen Magazine, Jan 2009 "...very well produced DVD...There is some very nice magic on this DVD..." Matthew Field The Magic Circular, Nov 08