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Volition by Steve Cook

Sold out

Please note that coloured envelopes may vary.

Volition By Steve Cook is a totally hands off Bank Night effect perfect for the close up, strolling or parlour magician / Mentalist.


Bank Night has long been a favourite with audiences and Steve's new take on this classic is a sure fire winner.

Four coloured envelopes are handed to one of your participants. They mix the envelopes and deal them out.

The contents of each envelope is revealed and of course you have the winning envelope.

Volition comes complete with coloured envelopes (as a bonus we also include a poker sized set so you can carry this with you everywhere) and a full in depth training DVD featuring routines and presentations by Steve Cook and Peter Nardi.

Not only that but you will also receive the all-important registration code that will give you access to all future tips, handlings and routines for this amazing effect.

Points to remember

Volition is

Easy to do (no sleight of hand required)

Totally self-contained (nothing added to the envelope)


Instant reset


Multiple routine ideas


Can be performed totally hands off!



Volition is the Bank Night effect you have been dreaming of!

Routine Idea

Imagine showing 4 cards. Your spectator is asked to mix them facedown (so nobody knows the order) they place anyone of the cards into any of the coloured envelopes and then mix the envelopes and deal them out.

Now you state that each card has a prize and whatever prize they have received on they can genuinely take home.

Spectator number one opens their envelope and reveals they have won a lollipop. You reach in to your pocket and hand them a lollipop.

Spectator number two opens their envelope to reveal they have won your business card. You take a business card out of your wallet and hand it to them.

Spectator number three opens their envelope to reveal they have a chance of winning "£250,000” you now reach in to your wallet and remove a scratch card

Now there is just one envelope left, the one they dealt to you. You open it (or you spectator can if you wish) to reveal you have won your wallet including all the contents!!


There are so many routine ideas for Volition, you will love the concept!!