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Variant by Peter Kane

Sold out

EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE - Get the VARIANT 20pg book PLUS an exclusive 20 min Video Download PLUS Stephen Tucker's 'Poker Chip Variant' trick (worth £15!!)

Peter Kane’s Variant is a FOOLER - think of it as a kind of ‘Three Card Monte’ meets ‘Just Chance’ meets ‘Prediction!' The effect is simple - a spectator gets a 4/5 chance of winning the cash, but somehow, despite complete freedom on their part, they can’t seem to win…despite repeated attempts! It’s almost like you have predicted their every move!

This re-issue is a 20page book containing detailed instructions on the baffling principle, plus several routines you can use it in. You'll also get a BONUS 20min video download, AND - STOP PRESS - we will also include a FREE trick by creative genius Stephen Tucker called ‘Poker Chip Variant’! This fantastic trick originally retailed for £15 on it's own, and comes packaged with the three poker chips necessary for the routine. It makes a SHOW-STOPPING finish to Peter’s original routine, whereby THREE spectators simultaneously try to beat the game… And it comes FREE in this special bundle with Peter Kane’s VARIANT!