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TMI Wallet by Larry Becker (PEEK/WRITING)

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Wanna pull a prediction from your wallet that shows a freely chosen playing card, or pin number, or word picked from a random book, or the name of a person's first love? How about doing that BUT NOT HAVING TO LOAD ANYTHING INTO THE WALLET?! No palming, no hidden loading and no stress! The TMI Wallet let's you put secret information onto a piece of paper INSIDE your wallet, right under the spectator's nose! BRLLIANT MENTALISM where the gaffed wallet does all the heavy lifting for you - no forcing, no switching, no loading, no nail writing, no carbon impressions. Use it as your everyday wallet and you'll always be ready to AMAZE!


Example Effect: Imagine removing a beautifully crafted wallet from your hip pocket. Without hesitation you toss the wallet into the audience, asking the person who catches it to unsnap the fastener and open the wallet. Inside are several pockets, cards, stamps and currency. In one small pocket a card is protruding out with the words, “Your Thought” printed on it. The spectator is asked to remove the card and to turn it over.

On the reverse side there is an empty circle. Handing a pen or pencil to the spectator, the performer? then asks them to think of a three-digit number. Any number over a hundred, but under a thousand. The spectator is then asked to write there three-digit number inside the circle as the performer turns his back and walks away. When finished, the spectator is instructed to return the card to the pocket with the words “Your Thought” facing outward.

The spectator is now asked to close the wallet and to secure it with an attached strap fastener. When this is done the performer then asks the spectator to toss him the wallet. The performer replaces the wallet in his hip pocket and proceeds to pick up a piece of poster board and a marking pen.

The spectator is now asked to concentrate on there three-digit number. The performer jots something down and tosses the piece of cardboard on his table. When the spectator calls aloud the number there thinking of, for example, 813, the performer shows what he has written on the cardboard.

It’s the number 8 -1-3. Remember that the spectator in the audience may freely handle the wallet you toss to them. The pocket containing the card the spectator writes on is isolated from the exterior of the wallet by several thicknesses of leather, currency and cards.

No sleights or nail writing involved.

This is just one of several different routines you can perform with the TMI WALLET.

  • You can predict prices, the amount of change in the spectator’s pocket. You can even predict any one of 52 cards and its location in a deck of cards, which is on the table in full view of the audience.
  • Imagine having several members of the audience create that card, one component at a time. The color, suit and value of a randomly selected card and you have predicted its location in the deck without ever touching or coming close to it.
  • No forces, switches, nail writing or carbon impressions.

TMI is an ingenious piece of apparatus and comes and complete with a custom designed black leather, hip pocket style wallet plus detailed instructions.