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The Bigblindmedia Time Warp Wallet

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The Time Warp Wallet is a slim, black, bi-fold leather pocket wallet. It has an ingenious design that allows for a hidden index of 12 cards (known as a Sho-gun Wallet). The Time Warp was designed to be slim (so it looks impossible to house any hidden cards), and it’s jet black leather is also useful as added cover for the secret section.

Supplied with the wallet are a set of 12 gaff cards that allow you to perform the Time Warp routine, in which any hour of the day selected by a spectator matches the prediction taken from your otherwise empty leather wallet!

But remember, you can also use the wallet for ANY routine that requires up to 12 outs! It is perfect for any number of routines - a zodiac or star sign prediction / Kollosal Killer / Heirloom etc

This pocket sized, slender wallet measures 12cm x 11cm x 1cm

TIME WARP EFFECT: A spectator is asked to name any hour of the day. The performer then removes a small leather wallet from his pocket. A prediction card is removed from the wallet and placed face down on the table. The wallet is now shown to be completely empty other than a couple of bank notes. Now the prediction card is turned over to reveal the face of a pocket watch showing the exact time as selected by the spectator. No force or multiple outs used, almost instant reset. Plays big, packs small!

This wallet incorporates the Sho-gun Wallet principle created by Elbert L Gardner is used with kind permission of Steven Brown U.S.A. owner of Al’s Magic shop.