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Three Will eBook



Is the concept of 'Free Will' a delusion of the mind used to convince ourselves that the decisions we make are our own, that we are in control?

How many of the apparently free choices we make every day are actually already made for us without our knowledge?

'Three Will' poses these questions and proves that for some of us 'Free Will' is nothing more than an elaborate illusion.


The performer asks for the help of two assistants and borrows a phone and a wallet from them. The performer himself contributes his keys and all three items are placed on a table.

The performer borrows a pen and a piece of paper and writes a prediction, folds it up and places it on the table in front of one of his assistants announcing that it is for them. The prediction remains in full view for the entire effect and is never touched by the performer again.

The performer turns away and instructs his two assistants to decide which item is given to which person. The performer turns back around and the assistant opens up the prediction. When the prediction is read aloud it reveals that the performer was able to accurately predict which item each person would end up with.

No setup.
No sleight of hand.
Practically impromptu.
If you can write something on a piece of paper then you can perform the effect.
Intended for close-up performance.


Allow for a completely definitive and unambiguous prediction, 100% of the time.
Roughly 95% of the time you won't even need to touch the prediction after you have written it.
Both assistants are specified by name on the prediction.
You do not need to know your assistants names before you perform the effect.
You always read the prediction, not the assistant; does not use the 'Free Will' principle.
Some setup is required but the effect may still be performed seemingly, 'off the cuff'.
May be performed sleight of hand free although a sleight of hand handling is also presented.
One alternate method is multi-lingual and suitable for any written language; German, French, Spanish or even Klingon.


Alternate method #1 requires an 'item' that you may already have and is readily available at stores or online for around $4. Alternate method #2 may require a 'common magic item' that you may already have and which should be readily available from your magic dealer for around $20.
'Three Will' is a 43 page eBook in PDF format, containing a fully routined and scripted effect with detailed explanations.

Lawrence Hookway

"'Three Will' is brilliantly constructed and choreographed. The presentation is entertaining, the audience is involved and baffled and you are completely 'clean' at the end. What more could a performer want?" Mick Ayres "Well done indeed! I was really impressed with the level of detail that went into the writing and the overall level of thinking. No stone is left unturned and the effect is great. Nice work, Laurence!" Cameron Francis “Laurence's 'Three Will' is a collection of some lovely, practical and astonishing mentalism - the kind that just cries out to be used as often as possible.” Liam Montier "A lot of thought was put into this and the writing is the best I have seen in a PDF which results in a clear understanding of effect and method on the first read through. Well written and the best published version I am aware of." Steve Haynes "Laurence's 'Three Will' involves three people, three objects and a spot-on triple prediction. He walks you through the effect and guides you down every side street and alleyway. I am a journalist, the effect is good, the writing is better. This was a joy to read." Bobby Warren (robwar0010) "There a good number of similar type effects around but this is my choice. The premise and method in 'Three Will' are justified and it just makes sense. So many variations get bogged down with tricky word play or situational necessities but this is simple, hits hard and is to the point. Plus it's actually fun to perform." Adam McClure (Olympic_Adam) "'Three Will' is Laurence's take on a classic effect and is particularly devious, deceptive and easy to perform. I highly recommend this offering, and without giving anything away 'Three Will' will really get the wheels turning as to other possibilities for its use." Gabe Abelson (gabelson) "'Three Will' is a very entertaining and intriguing routine indeed. There is plenty of interaction with the assisting spectators and Laurence's effect builds upon the original making it that much more powerful. The manuscript itself is set out in commendable detail and helps you understand and see the potential power of 'Three Will'." Neil Sommerville (NeilS) "I'm totally not a Mentalist but I really like this. Devious method, well thought through and focused subtleties. I smiled as I read the first few pages. This is good, usable stuff." Peter Pitchford "I found this routine theatrical with comedic moments built-in to it so it's a nice bonus to get all that in one package. For someone just starting out or with limited experience building an act, they have a readymade routine with some nice elements built into it." ash2arani "With an open ended presentation, 'Three Will' uses a clever method and simple technique that isn't about verbally dancing around the matter at hand." Iain Dunford (Iain)