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The Ultimate Virtual Opener by Ryan Joyce


Connect Instantly with Your Virtual Audience!

One of the keys to a successful virtual performance is to let your audience know exactly how to interact with you. This is the perfect magical way to do just that!

EFFECT: The audience watches as one card changes unexpectedly to an Ace, immediately followed by the others!


This is a routine that grabs attention, tells the audience how to interact, and connects instantly in the world of virtual clutter. Everyone can now related to ZOOM and ZOOM fatigue.

It's a great surprise to start your virtual events, that gets everyone chatting and fools every time!

This is a very fast, uncomplicated routine that you'll keep close to the computer at all times!

This is the Ultimate Virtual Opener!

If you're looking for a piece of magic that's totally unique for the world of virtual meetings, shows and audiences, this effect is for you.

Here's everything you'll receive today with this download

- PDF printout (English & Icons-Only) so you can make these at home
- Step-by-step video instructions: How to make under ten minutes
- Virtual & stage handlings
- Plus! You'll get extra templates and ideas

After you download and watch the explanation be sure and open the BONUS folder with extra ideas, tips, and suggestions to get you started right away.

I guarantee you'll be using this effect immediately and you're going to love the reactions you get performing it.

Download now!