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The Spin Routined Bundle by Cameron Francis - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Cameron Francis takes two of his absolute favourite tricks and routines them together to create a multi-phased mindblower!

First up is Cameron's new take on his popular ‘Ace Thang’ plot where the magician loses the four aces in the deck and then instantly discovers them in all sorts of impossible places. This lean, mean, totally impromptu stunner is how Cameron opens every close up set.

Next up is ‘Spin Cycle’, a multi-phased, totally fresh take on the Hofsinzer Ace Problem. Four aces are shown and turned face down. With a click of the fingers, a selected ace magically turns face up. The face down packet is cut into the deck. The entire deck is given a twist and the aces all turn face up in the middle… except one; the selected ace.

For the grand finale, the selected ace is then given a push through the hand and it instantly transforms into a previously selected card. That's a whole lot of magic for very little effort!

Learn a professional mini-set that will leave your spectators reeling! Everything flows together, it only uses normal cards, and it kicks some magical ass!

     Running Time 21 min