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The School Of Cool - Greg Wilson (Instant Download)


Gregory Wilsons THE SCHOOL OF COOL - 24 Mad Skills and Stunts to Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

World renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster and all-round scamp Gregory Wilson invites you to attend THE SCHOOL OF COOL! A Download jam packed with teachings on all those crazy skills you always wanted to learn but didnt know how.

Walk a coin down your knuckles shoot a playing card high in the air break a pen lid with JUST your little finger make a coin defy gravity and fall UPWARDS spin a pen on the back of your fingers Twenty five primo-ace slabs of AWESOMENESS await you.

The skills taught on this download will allow you to look like nothing less than an ice-cool urban ninja. Using items from the dusty recesses of your pockets (were talking pen lids, coins, credit cards) and the venerable weaponry of the incorrigible hustler a deck of playing cards - you can be prepared to unleash the awesome in any environment.

Spend some time with Gregory Wilson and turn yourself into the kind of suave and effortlessly debonair sophisticate that turns heads and draws gasps everywhere they go.

Its class time at The School Of Cool.


Pen Cap Ninja
Acrobatic Ring
The Globetrotter
Simple Switch
The Pen Spin
The Advanced Pen Spin
Rubber Star

The Coin Roll
Triple Coin Catch
Muscle Pass
4 Coin Rolldown
Heads Or Tails?

Ribbon Spread
Springing The Cards
Charlier Cut
Charlier Twist
Flick Up
TG Murphys Triple Cut

Corner Kick
Double Spread
Stunt Spin
Stunt Double
Daryls Hot Shot Cut
One Handed Shuffle

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