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The Raven - Visual Vanishes

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"Every magician remembers the first time they saw The Raven performed. A coin placed cleanly onto a spectator's open palm. One wave of the magician's hand over the top and the coin was gone. WHHHHHHHHAT?!? It looks like REAL MAGIC. This is a total CLASSIC, and a tool every magician should own. It makes incredible magic super easy. This one gets my HIGHEST recommendation." Owen Packard, BBM Owner

Magic's Most Visual Vanish! Show both sides of your hands, then place a coin in a spectator's hand and simply wave your hand over the coin and it vanishes! Or make it change into another coin!

There's no end to the exciting effects that can be accomplished with this amazing magic prop. Make coins shrink, vanish, penetrate objects and more. The Raven comes with the Raven prop, special coins, DVD & print instructions.

Is it hard? No - this is mindblowing magic that anyone can do. The gimmick is beautifully clever, and you'll be able to use it right out of the box.