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The Painting by Dead Rebel - Self Working Mentalism


What Is It? In 'The Painting', you tell a story of a mysterious painting and poem, and offer to demonstrate the influence they hold over us. A pack of picture cards is removed and shown, revealing all manner of objects.  You mix them, then split them into two piles, and the spectator chooses one.  That packet is cut into two, and again, one is chosen.

This continues until just a single face down card remains on the table. At this point, you draw attention back to the picture and the poem, and reveal that they both had a hidden message, pointing towards one object...

And when they turn the card over, it is, of course, EXACTLY what the poem and painting predicted!

How easy is it to do? The Painting is TOTALLY self-working - there are no sleights or moves, no maths, no marks, no sticky stuff and no rough and smooth.  This is as close to automatic as you can imagine!

How practical is it? Super practical - the cards fit into a distressed, vintage card box, and both that and the pictures fit into a larger box, about the size of a postcard, so everything is self-contained in one place. Also, it resets as you put it all away, so you can instantly be ready to go again for the next time!

What comes in the package? The Painting includes the custom designed picture cards (26 in total), housed in a handcrafted box, TWO 'Paintings' which are double sided - the picture is on one side, and the poem on the other.  This means you can have a spare, or use both and have the painting and poem on display at the same time.  There is also a larger box, also handcrafted, that holds all the props together, and finally you get an online tutorial video from Liam Montier, teaching the routine exactly as performed on the demo, together with a collection of alternative ideas and handlings for repeat performances, or fooling fast company!

As always, there is limited stock of these, and they are bound to sell out FAST! Please act fast to secure your copy!

The handling is self-working, impossibly clean and has no rough and smooth, no sleights or moves, and no maths.

Present it as a darker piece with Simon's back story from the trailer, or more straight up as an example of how easily we can be influenced by art and literature.

The set includes the picture cards housed in a custom card box, together with two prints which feature the birds of paradise on one side, and the poem on the other, all stored in a larger, handcrafted storage box, and features the full explanation, together with bonus handlings, taught by Liam Montier.