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The Night Flight Deck by Steve Dela - Marked Cards For Mentalists

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The ULTIMATE workers deck - fabulous design, 100% plastic for all conditions performing and ingenious marking systems!

- 100% Durable PVC Plastic.
- Superior Casino Quality Stock.
- Designed Specifically For Mentalists.
- Large Clear Markings.
- Subtle Yet Clear One Way Design.
- Red & Black Card Indication.
- Beautiful Original Back Design.
- Generic Looking Tuck Box.
- Gimmicked Cards Included.
- Protective Plastic Case.
- Value For Money!

Being a plastic deck these cards are not designed to be flourished... they will still spread beautifully across a table though and they shuffle like a dream.
This edition has been designed for mentalists as a marked deck that you can use for years.

FAQ - Night Flight Deck

Do they shuffle well? Can you Faro them?
- Absolutely! Plastic cards are design for professional card players. They Faro amazingly well and riffle shuffle like a dream. Overhand shuffles are also super smooth. There will be an ‘adjustment period’ but you’ll be handling these easily within a couple of hours.

You say these are for Mentalists, can Magicians use these too?
- YEP! however these are 100% Plastic and will not handle the same way that a quality cardboard deck will. These were designed as a marked deck that will last for years. They are not recommended for effects like ambitious card... you wouldn’t want people drawing on these anyway.

How long will these cards last?
- This depends entirely on their usage. Plastic cards are said to last 20-50 times longer that a cardboard deck. This means that you can expect anywhere between 2 to 4 years of regular performance! Maybe even longer if you take good care of them.

Do these feel normal?
- Not if you’re only used to handling cardboard cards. Plastic cards however are incredibly common when it comes to actually playing card games. All casinos now use plastic cards, which means they are very familiar to most people. The same can be said for anyone that plays poker whether it be in a local league or a home game... plastic IS the standard!.. it just isn’t normal for magicians because they like to fan and flourish, something that plastic cards don’t do well.

Someone spilt cola on them, what do I do?
- Do not panic... These cards are 100% waterproof. You can simply wash them with a little soap and warm water. If you have any stubborn stains or stickiness, use small circular motions on the area with a soft cloth.
- DO NOT use scouring sponges or any abrasive materials. If need be you can soak them in warm water for a few hours and then dry them off with a soft towel.

Can these cards be ‘corner shorted’?
- YES! They can indeed, just as easily as a cardboard deck.

What are people saying?….

"Steve Dela has produced a beautiful deck of marked cards, which should be in the pocket of every discerning mentalist and magician. Don't think about buying this deck... JUST BUY IT!! Highly Recommended." Steve Cook

"I’ve always struggled with marking systems but this one just takes the biscuit it’s so easy. Genius design and such a durable deck. So much you can do with these!” Steve Rowe

"Produced to an amazingly high standard. I predict these will sell out quickly once word gets around.” Steve Haresign

"Beautiful, extremely practical, AWESOME!.. The markings are lovely and clear and yet for spectators will be extremely hard to spot, but once you’ve seen them and practised for a matter of minutes you can read them extremely easy and from a fair distance too.” John Horn

"I was excited to receive the deck after seeing how they looked online. When they arrived, they were better than expected. They look and feel great. I have to admit that I was a little bit apprehensive of using a plastic deck. I shouldn't have worried though as they handle really nicely!” Rich Gerrish

"The markings are very clear and I love the ability to know the colours of the cards with ease (red/black). All I can say is if you are on the lookout for a durable, ‘easy to read’ marked deck, then look no further - 10 out of 10 for Steve’s new Night Flight deck. Highly recommend.” Charlie Dent

"Absolutely amazing quality, finally a marked deck I don’t have to be precious about. It can get put on a wet table, hidden in pockets or bent in spectators hands and will never get damaged. Super quick and easy to read too. Perfect.” Tom ‘Jester’ Mullenger

"I’m really impressed by the Night Flight deck.  Unlike some plastic cards, they handle and spread really well, and the printing is as just good as with a regular deck - no danger of the ink rubbing off.   This is a quality deck that should last for years.” Sean Carpenter