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The MRD Deck - Download & Gaff Deck



"The traditional sleight of hand approach has put the multiple revelation routine out of the reach of many magicians, and so Liam Montier has done us all a favour by releasing this clever take on the idea." BicycleCard Reviews

"The method is diabolical and really fun to play with. Reset is fast, it's easy to do, impressive and makes you look awesome." Penguin Reviews

"Have been playing with this today and have to say, it's absolutely brilliant. Great job Liam!" Duncan Pallant

Perform the Multiple Revelation Routine with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! The BBM exclusive download will be added to your library immediately, and your choice of the special deck in red or blue will be shipped out for you.

Have from 3 to 15 members of your audience select cards, mix them up and return them to the deck WITHOUT BEING CONTROLLED BY YOU! And yet impossibly you are ready to reveal all the selections IN ORDER, WITH NO SLEIGHT OF HAND,!!!

You read that right - no sleight of hand.

Perform at a dinner party at a show in the pub at school during a trade show ANYWHERE you have a group of people who want to be blown away by a fantastic piece of magic!

There is a reason so many world class magicians perform the Multiple Selection routine - it involves your entire audience It ramps up the eye boggling impossibility and it plays as a show stopping EVENT. But its not an easy piece of magic. It requires a great deal of skill, some faultless sleight of hand and plenty of confidence to perform.

Well, it DID. Now magical brainbox Liam Montier has taken the properties of a certain gaffed deck and with some genius routining he has created a sleight-free, mindblowing performance piece that will fry your audience and leave you looking like a master magician.

What makes the MRD Deck and routine so special is that you do not have to control the cards as they are returned to the deck!!! Your spectators can all freely pick cards, shuffle them up between themselves and then return them to the pack. And you do not need to control a thing because Liams diabolical thinking will have left you ready to reveal ALL of the selections IN ORDER, with no sleight of hand. No tricky side steals, no top palms and no (god forbid) passes to get those selections where you need them.

Whilst this is a cast iron reputation making miracle for beginners or those uncomfortable with sleight of hand, it also has some mega advantages for the ultra capable knucklebusting card sharps out there too! It has the cleanest, most impossible selection phase imaginable.

Liam Montier teaches a full routine for 6 cards being selected, but also shows you how to jazz for further spectators. You can use ANY reveals you already have in your arsenal, or learn some of the bonus ones Liam teaches on the thirteen chapter download.

The hand crafted MRD Deck is made with USPCC Bicycle Deck. (In Red or Blue).