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The Mexican Turnover Reborn by Jafo - Video Download


"The Siesta Control is so causal and fair that it's sure to fool anyone. It's been one of my favorite controls for the last few years. What Jafo is offering here is excellent. His study and teaching of the move is both thorough and valuable." Brent Braun, The Magic Firm

"Already got more than my money's worth. And I've been doing the move for more than a decade." Cody Fisher (No, the other one)

This is a modern take on the classic Mexican Turnover. 11 video modules present 2 ways to perform as well as 3 unique applications for this move to fit into your routine. Also includes a 20 page eBook with full-color images and in depth teaching.

"Jafo just dropped this amazing project - learn this classic move with some fantastic touches, and original applications" Robert Moreland

"Jafo does an excellent job in explaining this! This move is so so so deceptive. I can't wait to have it fully down so that I can add it into my routines! One of the best purchases I have made in awhile!" Patrick Adams

"First, just a quality produced product. Excellent video. His descriptions are the best ever. You can do what he says and the effect actually happens! Literally fooled myself a couple of times! Fabulous!" Marcus Duke