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The Mene Tekel Deck Project - Video Download & Deck


Comes with Bicycle brand Mene Tekel Deck (in Red or Blue) and one hour video download!

"Even in the hands of an amateur magician, miracles will be made because the Mene Tekel Deck is just so easy to handle." 

"The Mene Tekel Deck Project gives you everything you need to get started: the gaff deck itself, an hour's worth of solid video instructions, that includes eight different routines, along with tips on handling and sleights. And the level of difficulty is well within the reach of most people who have some basic skills in card magic. Recommended!" EndersGame Reviews

The Mene Tekel Deck truly is a hidden gem in the world of card magic and might just be the most underrated gaff deck in existence!

What’s more powerful than a stripper deck? More versatile than a svengali deck? Less known than an Invisible Deck? The Mene Tekel Deck that’s what! This ingenious gaffed pack can truly be a cardhandler’s greatest ally. It makes outrageously powerful magic possible with absolutely NO sleight of hand. But unlike so many other gaffed decks, it’s not a one-trick pony. It can be your secret weapon in a huge array of routines.

Liam Montier takes you for a deep dive with this ingenious construction, teaching you how to handle it naturally, how to hide it in plain sight and how to wring every last drop of deceptiveness from it’s devious mechanics.

Once you’ve mastered natural displays, shuffling and selection procedures, Liam will arm you with some simple (but powerful) routines to test out your new skills. Then you can step it up with three absolute barnstorming ‘showpiece’ tricks that will slay ANY audience.

And beyond that Liam will also look at ways of incorporating the world’s most underrated gaffed deck with simple sleight of hand to REALLY elevate things into the stratosphere.

One deck - unlimited possibilities!


What Is The Mene Tekel Deck?

Basic Handling -Displays-Shuffles-Selections

Quick Tricks -Ambitious-Mindreading-Card To Pocket-Selfshifting Pack-Rising Card

Showpieces -Pocket Pick-Card At Number-Coincidence

Add In Sleights -Sandwich-Faro Display-Collectors-Twins