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The LePaul Misdirection Routined Bundle - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Learn the magic of one of the past masters - the legendary Paul LePaul!

Liam has taken three tricks from 'The Card Magic of Paul LePaul', and routined them together into a flowing routine of colourful, visual and professional card magic. Each trick leads seamlessly into the next, and Liam's ingenious thinking hides any necessary setups within the preceding routine. This is an impressive and powerful SET - so instead of learning just one great card trick, you are investing in a multiple phase mindblower that is as beautifully choreographed as it is impressive to your audience.

With two decks of cards, one blue and one red, you demonstrate what 'misdirection' is, with spectators missing the cards changing and transposing again and again, despite each time you focusing their attention more, and on less cards.

As well as routining them together, Liam has simplified the handlings, putting this amazing mini-act into the hands of pretty much any card magician!