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The In3vitable by Mark Elsdon



"It's one of the strongest and most clever things I've ever witnessed. It went directly into my performance repertoire and can quickly become the perfect closer (or encore piece) for you too!" – Paul Vigil

A few years ago I released a trick called The Inevitable. I used it as the closer at every single private and house party I worked for several years and it brought the house down (pardon the pun) at each and every single one. 

Several years on and I have performed this effect hundreds of times more and it has grown organically into a truly stunning three-phase routine.

Phase one uses a single shuffled deck for an incredible four-card production. Phase two uses two decks for a truly impossible hands-off double coincidence where the performer touches nothing, and the third phase is an updated handling of the original three-deck prediction/ACAAN/revelation ‘Inevitable’ effect which takes it to new heights.

And weaving all three phases together is a powerful presentation that amplifies the performance into far more than the sum of its parts and leaves the audience believing that they have seen a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Playable as the most impossible magic or the most incredible mentalism, THE IN3VITABLE 3.0 is as close to a miracle as a card trick can probably be to a layman.