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The Glasgow Connection DVD by Eddie McColl

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"I really enjoyed being fooled and admiring pure skill and that is why I highly recommend this DVD." Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

"Spoiler alert: The magic on here is very good..." Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine

"This was an enjoyable disc and I highly recommend it for card-magic enthusiasts that enjoy learning advanced techniques performed and taught by a modern expert." Ryan Matney, Genii Magazine

Eddie McColl is one of magic's best kept secrets. This DVD features 9 superb routines that will blow your audience away, with material that you will use.

The bonus Toolbox Section also features in-depth training for some of Eddie's signature handlings on the moves used throughout this DVD.

Ginsburg Aces - 4 Aces are produced from a shuffled deck using the Ginsburg Poke.

Impossible Location - The deck is shuffled by the spectator, and a card that is looked at is found in an impossible way.

Merlin's Lost Ace Trick or McColl's Lost Aces - A very direct 4 Ace Assembly.

2 Card to Pocket Transposition or Bold 2 Card to Pocket Transposition - A combination of Card to Pocket with two selections and the classic transposition.

Stabbed - The classic stab effect using another card, not a knife.

Triple Location or Bold Triple Location - 3 cards lost in a shuffled deck are found in an impossible manner.

Travellers or Bold Travellers - The classic Vernon Travellers effect, all from one palm.

Shuffle Trap - An impossible two card transposition using riffle shuffles.

No Rollover Aces - 4 Aces are found from a shuffled deck -- not just the Aces, but four royal flushes as well.


"Aimed at the working card magician this DVD offers a fresh approach to classic plots. If you are looking for material that shows you have the skill of a good card worker then the routines here will prove that. If you were able to master only a few of these you’d have a great repertoire." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"His methods are ingenious." Roy Walton

"I've seen him perform for laymen and magicians with devastating effect." Gordon Bruce

"The best kept secret in Europe." Paul Cummins

"This man crushed me with his unbelievable sleight of hand." Robert Moreland

"He shuffles cards naturally with an incredible soft touch." David Solomon