The Forces Project - Liam Montier


Forcing a card - Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to!


 Being able to ‘force’ a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful skill to have, and for a lot of tricks, it may well be the ONLY skill you need!

Learn all about how to force cards on this brand new project - techniques that will make your audience think they had a completely free choice, when in fact, they actually had none at all!

On ‘The Forces Project’, your host Liam Montier will teach you 24 bulletproof forcing techniques, ranging from the beautifully self working to the essential moves like the ‘Classic Force’.

Not only that, but you will also learn how to identify the correct forces for your routines, how to make them more deceptive, keeping your handling natural, how to practice effectively and all kinds of theory and clever thinking that will make you a true force master!

What is on the Project?

-Getting Started

Riffle Force

World’s Easiest Riffle Force

Dribble Force

Psychological Stop Force

-Advice - Uniformity of Action

Cross Cut Force

Cross Cut Crimp

Cut Force

Cut Deeper Force

-Advice - Confidence

Jedi Force

Clock Force

Count Force

Double Deal Force

-Advice - Language

Prophecy Move

Touch Force

Impossible Force

10 - 20 Force

-Advice - Context

Spread Force

Swindle Force

Hindu Shuffle Force

Back Slip Force

-Advice - Contingencies

Lift Shuffle Force

Bottom Slip Force

Classic Force

Topper Move

And once you have delved into the huge array of techniques, Liam will teach you some absolutely KILLER routines to put your new found skills to use!

The Triple Prediction - Maurice Fogel

Analogue Poker - Jack Tighe

Par Optic Vision - Ted Annemann

Decipher - Simon Aronson

Blendo - Liam Montier

Clock Trick - Liam Montier


"I would say that if you have an interest in card magic at any level you will like this DVD and find value in it." Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine 4/29/2015

"This is a great DVD to have in your library and as a reference source it’s filled with tons of useful moves and performance theory." William Draven, Reviewer 2/2/2015

"It’s great to be able to access such an overview and then choose the technique that works best for your particular situations…If you want to learn to force a card, you can willingly (and forcefully) check out Big Blind Media’s “The Forces Project" Wayne Kawamoto, 2/17/2015