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The Floating Key Card - PLUS! Booklet by Simon Lovell

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If you are looking for self-working, magician fooling KILLER card magic, then this is definitely the booklet for you.  In it, Simon Lovell takes a concept that, frankly, will fool a lot of magicians as it is, and adds touches and tips, and wrings so much from it, that at the end, it'll catch ANYONE!

Imagine spreading a shuffled deck face down on the table, and having the spectator slide a card half way out of the spread.  They peek it by bending the corner up, and then slide it straight back, and square everything up.  They cut the pack if they like too, and hand it back to you.  You never miss their card.

Or, they choose any card from the deck, cut it into the middle, and then shuffle in any fashion they like.  You can still find their selection!

Simon talks you through the basic principles, his embellished work on them, and then how to combine them all into a KILLER combination, and also covers contingencies and how to make the most of flukes.

Strongly recommended - I only wish I'd seen this in action before reading about it, so I could have been totally fooled!

The booklet is A5, with photos and 12 pages of text.