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The Elmsley Count Project - Liam Montier

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Within the art of card magic there are a small group of moves that are considered ESSENTIAL. They are the corner stones of great magic. The basic utensils you need to perform astounding feats with playing cards. And the Elmsley Count is undoubtedly one of them. Master this one simple technique and you can perform some of the most classic magic tricks of all time.

Most famously used to hide the face of one or more cards as you count through a small packet, the Elmsley Count is actually much more versatile and useful than many people realise.

Here in THE ELMSLEY COUNT PROJECT comes the first dedicated download to teach you how to do this classic move correctly, regardless of whether you are just starting out, or are an old hand ready to take this sleight to the next level.

This is a collection of techniques that combine to give you the most natural and deceptive 'bomb proof' Elmsley Count possible. It looks natural, works smoothly and with cards in absolutely any condition.

And once Liam has helped you get a PERFECT Elmsley Count we can move onto the enormous section on related variations.

Learn the Opec Count, the Outjogged Elmsley, the Split Elmsley, the Pinch Grip, the Vertical Elmsley, the Outjogged Elmsley, the Underground Elmsley and the Twist Grip!

And theres even MORE! Next up we teach you the Siva Count, the Jordan Count, the Spirit Count and John Bannons Discrepancy City Display and the AWESOME Bullet Party Display.

Finally, armed with your new arsenal of Elmsley Count techniques, you are ready for disc 2, in which we present a collection of classic tricks using this wonderful move from the best card men in the world, including Alex Elmsley, Peter Kane, John Bannon, David Solomon and George McBride. These are tricks you could be doing for the rest of your magical career!

So, whether you are learning for the first time, or you are a magician looking to advance the technique you have been using, join Liam Montier and explore all the possibilities within THE ELMSLEY COUNT PROJECT.

Disc One

Learning The Elmsley Count
Start Position
Count Of One
Count Of Two
Count Of Three & Four
Emphasising The Packet
Hiding More Cards

Opec Count
Outjogged Elmsley
Pinch Grip
Snap Count
Split Elmsley
Twist Grip
Underground Elmsley
Vertical Elmsley

Other Counts
Jordan Count
Spirit Count
Discrepancy City Display (Bannon)
Siva Count
Bullet Party Display (Bannon)

Disc 2
The Four Card Trick - Elmsley
Twisting The Aces - Vernon
The Odd Man Out - Montier
One Too Many - McBride
Que Sera Sera - Bannon
Jacks In The Box - Solomon
Whisperstition - Montier
Jazz Aces - Kane

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The Elmsley Count Project - Liam Montier

All of Liam's Projects are excellent. I highly recommend them all.

John H.
United States

Amazing Download!

Liam Montier walks you through many false counts, I have been performing for 25 years and I was doing terrible Elmsley counts! I looked like a stiff! Liam will make this incredible move look seamless, The way he teaches is very easy to understand, Not only do you learn the Elmsley count the correct way but you also learn much more, The classic tricks in this dvd are some of the best! Big Blind Media and especially Liam Montier (My favorite Teacher ever) have motivated me to improve all of my sleights, I bought a few other projects afterwards but if I could go back in time I would buy the bundle! I am still kicking myself for not buying the entire bundle now :( I did buy other projects seperately and I am watching those as well but I am still focusing on this one. I highly recommended this dvd but if you can afford to bundle with the other projects it is a bargain deal! This is almost a complete library of the very best magic. I would like to see a Cull Project, Pass Project and a few more, maybe BBM will make this happen one day.

Roy F.
United States United States