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The Curious Case of Amanda Cole by Dead Rebel


The Curious Case of Amanda Cole is a brand new presentation for what must be the strongest card trick ever invented - Paul Curry's 'Out of This World'.

Relating the tale of Amanda Cole, a woman who could FEEL colours and emotions on paper and print, you bring out a little stack of photographs, which the spectator freely deals into two separate piles.

Astonishingly, the spectator has channelled Amanda Cole, and must have sensed the emotions on the photos - for one pile is all happy, smiling children, and the other is photos of upset children!

The props tell the story, and the effect is much more impactful, sensing emotions rather than just 'red' and 'black', and the effect plays faster than ever without sacrificing any of the effect!

Featuring 24 custom designed photo cards, handcrafted presentation box, photo of Amanda Cole and video instructions featuring several handlings of Out of This World, including the classic Paul Curry method, Karl Fulves 'Even Money Proposition' and more!