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The Cullfather - Iain Moran


THE CULLFATHER project is the first in a new series called ULTIMATE WEAPONS. Each one will teach you a devastating piece of magical skill.

And when we say teach, we mean TEACH. 13 indepth lessons. Beginner to Expert. An hour's worth of tutorials that will show you every facet of this incredible move (Taught by acclaimed Uk magician Iain Moran whose preference is for the Hofzinser Spread Cull - Marlo Prayer Cull).

And you can use CULLING to switch cards. force cards. control cards. setup tricks. as an out. and HUNDREDS of other applications!

Infact, if you can CULL you can dispense with HUNDREDS of moves!!
Just for starters, ALL of this lot:Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Braue Addition
Double Undercut
Classic Pass
Turnover Pass
Riffle Pass
Classic Force
Riffle Force
Cross Cut Force
Slip Force
Dribble Force
Secret Subtraction
Dribble Pass
Balducci Force
Double Turnover
Top Change
Bluff Pass
Multiple Shift
Side Steal
Spread Pass
Cover Pass

The DVD runs for 2hs and 9min and features:

01. Cull one Card.
02. Mistakes.
03. Culling to Specific Locations.
04. Culling from Awkward Positions.
05. Culling Multiple Cards.
06. Mistakes - Part 2.
07. Controlling via Culling.
08. Forcing via Culling.
09. Setting Up via Culling.
10. Culling 2 Cards Next to Each Other.
11. Switching via Culling.
12. Culling as an Out.
13. Culling Face Down Cards.

01. Aces on High
02. Dream Card
03. Funny Business
04. Quantum Sandwich
05. Ace Orgy
06. Concrete Sandwich

+ trailers and sample effects from other BBM titles!

Iain Moran is one of the UK's finest magicians. He has won the Order Of Magi's 'Close-Up Magician Of The Year' award TWICE, and he is one of the only non-Italian's EVER to be given a close up magic award at Club Magico Italiano.