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The CSI Routined Bundle by Liam Montier - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD  - Learn a professional mini-set that will leave your spectators reeling!

"This is great material and I would recommend it without hesitation. If you don't already do Red Hot Mama, you must add it. Killer reactions and almost no work. Doesn't get any better than that." The Magic Portal Reviews

Starting from a shuffled, regular pack (that can be examined) you start off by revealing a spectators chosen card, in an unexpected and off-beat way, using their fingerprints!

Asked to repeat the trick, you do but this time the fingerprint VISUALLY appears on the spectators chosen card!  This is despite the fact that they examined and shuffled the pack at the start!

Finally, one more card is chosen, but this time, no fingerprint appears on the back of it... or has it?  The first selection, with the fingerprint on the back, has now somehow changed into the final card, whilst on the table in full view!

By combining David Solomon's 'Fingerprint Trick' with Al Leech's classic 'Red Hot Mama/Chicago Opener' along with his own devious touches and routining, Liam has put together one of the most commercial card routines imaginable!

With just a couple of basic sleights, you will learn this top class professional routine, and be astonishing EVERYONE!

And don't miss the final thoughts section on more tips on how to stamp your own personality on this routine.

Running Time 18min