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The Con - Deluxe Ltd Ed Version of The Gamble by Steve Cook


Steve Cook's 'The Gamble' is a brilliant, self working mentalism trick. 

What's THE GAMBLE? - Your spectator places a prediction poker chip in their pocket without looking at it. Then, four completely regular poker chips are shown, each a different colour.  They are examined, dropped into the empty wallet, and the spectator mixes them freely... Despite this, you control their actions, Jedi Mind Control style, and they are ALWAYS drawn to the chip that matches the one in their pocket!

The Con is a new Limited Edition Deluxe version, and it's really something special. Created by Dead Rebel Productions it features a STUNNING presentation box, new larger wallet, four GORGEOUS custom printed poker chips, and a replica bullet (which, like the presentation box, is for dressing, rather than any part of the effect or method).

It's the same self working, powerful, bulletproof (ahem!) mentalism routine... but now with gorgeous, eye catching props. 

NB The Bullet can ONLY be supplied to UK customers. We can't ship that bit overseas. However, for most overseas customers (especially in the US), it should be super easy to nab a replica bullet on ebay!

You also receive Simon's explanation via video, and the original 'The Gamble' video tutorial.

Watch a full performance (with the original set of Gamble props) below...

Things to remember...

  • Totally self working - no moves, no sleights.
  • No gimmicks or gaffs.
  • Self contained - Stick the wallet in your pocket and you are ready to go, anytime!
  • All props supplied - everything you need is in the box, to perform right away!
  • Package includes the presentation box, the wallet, poker chips and detailed video instructions.