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The Birthday Deck by Liam Montier


Comes with special Bicycle brand Deck and video download instructions

Liam Montier’s The Birthday Deck is a selfworking miracle which allows you to predict any spectator’s Birthday!

No Sleight of Hand - No Preshow - Works with ANY Birthday

"This trick is amazing! The Birthday Deck is a wonderful gift and you don’t have to wait for your birthday to pick this up." 9.5/10, Straight Talk Magic Reviews

People are fascinated by fortune telling and ‘readings’, and Liam Montier’s new release takes that and builds it into a KILLER revelation of a spectator's ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!

Meet someone for the first time, with no pre-show, and demonstrate a ‘reading’ with the cards, using the numbers and month of their birthdate to generate the cards that will reveal their fortune!  

Then, as a kicker, you spread the rest of the deck face down across the table - every single card is blue backed… except for the cards the spectator landed on.  Those are the ONLY RED CARDS IN THE DECK - and written on the back of them IS THEIR ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!

A dynamite trick in real life, or perform it virtually on ZOOM for your online shows!

No forces - the cards will be different each time for the ‘readings’!

No pre-show - perform the trick in real time to a stranger you’ve just met!

No complicated sleight of hand!

No Rough and Smooth or Sticky Stuff!

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