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The Apparition of Alexander Hart by Dead Rebel


A classic routine gets an eerie and bizarre twist, in classic Dead Rebel Productions style!

You tell the tale of Alexander Hart, a man who pursued the occult, and took photos of strange apparitions. 

Years later, a relative of his has a strange experience drinking some ceremonial 'tea' in South America, and is visited by an apparition who reminds him of Alexander.

Impossibly, it is EXACTLY the one that your spectator chose at random from a group of photos...

As always, Simon from Dead Rebel has produced some AMAZING and handcrafted props and packaging, and this is his most commercial trick yet - easy to carry, no reset and no moves or sleight of hand, and no forces.

There are also a variety of presentational ideas - perhaps the story above, or perhaps a story about how Alexander Hart was an early experimenter of psychedelics, and after a bad trip, was visited by a spirit...