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The Amnesia Deck by Steve Gore

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The Amnesia deck aka the Suits Deck, is a wonderful deck which means you can perform most, if not all, memorised deck routines without having to learn any stacks! I personally do not know, or have ever learnt a stack and can fry people with this deck. You too can learn the system very easily in a few minutes and know by the back of any card, the location of every card in the Aronson stack. The amount of effects you can perform is staggering and limited by your imagination. The deck is also cunningly marked so you can appear to have a vast 'Rainman' memory and the power of subitizing or guesstimating. You can do an easy, but mind blowing 'Any card at any number' (ACAAN) without having to do mental arithmetic! You won't believe the reactions you will get with this deck, all accomplished very easily without any difficult memory work!

This deck is also useful if you already know or partially know the Aronson stack, but have a fear of forgetting it under pressure.

Included are printed instructions and online videos including a “Conversation with Pete Turner” who goes through just some of the awesome effects, adding his advice and ideas.

The Deck is custom printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC Bicycle quality) and includes a custom ace of spades and two custom designed jokers, with the Aronson stack on one and Juan Tamariz's ‘Mnemonica’ on the other. This means you could just have the joker or card case out and use any regular or marked deck but still use 'The Amnesia System'

A huge thank you to Simon Aronson and Juan Tamariz for allowing me to use their incredible stacks. You will need to have standard colour vision to use this deck.

These effects are explained in full and are just some of the ones which are possible.

  • Any card at any number - ACAAN: They name any card and any number and there card is at their number Memorisation - You can tell them the location of any card or the card at any location!
  • Weighing on my mind: You know instantly how many cards they cut onto your hand!
  • Memorisation
  • Handsfree: They cut the deck numbers times and without looking at or touching the deck you can tell the location of any card!
  • Elimination: They cut the deck and remember the card they cut to, then shuffle their cards, you briefly look at the remaining cards for a few seconds and can then recall all the cards in their hand, leaving their card last!