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Tantalizing Money by Liam Montier - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - A brand new Liam Montier stunner, Tantalizing Money is a fooling self worker where your spectator stands to win CASH if you can't find their card. However, not only do you find it, but the KICKER has to be seen to be believed - your randomly turned up discarded cards have exactly matched the bill's serial number - IN ORDER!!! 

No moves.  No sleights.  No gaffs.  NO KIDDING!

This is brilliantly clever - the deck is shuffled/mixed throughout the routine, and yet the serial number reveal at the end ALWAYS hits 100% perfectly and in order.

BUT that's not all - you'll also learn Liam's brilliant solution for generating the setup for all kinds of other tricks where you need to force a certain number... phone numbers / dates of birth / calculator total predictions! Liam's easy to use system will be an essential tool in creating & improving other tricks you do!