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SupaChange by Liam Montier - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO - Change four Queens into the four Aces, from the top of the deck with NO DISPLACEMENTS! Yep, you read that right - NO displacements! Sooooooo clean!

Many moons ago Liam set himself a challenge - 'Create a routine that lets you change four cards for the Aces right from the top of the deck, but with NO displacements'! For the longest time the solution eluded him. But eventually the champion of card conundrums did it - he created an elegant, efficient routine that really does let you change four indifferent cards for the Aces from the top of the deck. And not a displacement in sight.

It's a beautiful piece of magic, and something you can perform as a stand alone effect, or added to the start or end of a bigger act. It's not hard to do and uses only basic sleights.

So, is it just an academic exercise to remove the displacements from a routine like this? Absolutely not, the traditional displacements you typically see with this kind of routine happen at the moment the audience is most focused on your hands. It either looks illogical or suspicious (why are you recounting the cards? why are you fiddling so much?).

Liam's SupaChange is squeaky clean looking, highly logical in it's handling and very, VERY magical!