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Solomon's Secrets Book by David Solomon

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Solomon’s Secrets includes 50 card effects, including nuanced performance effects, poker tricks, card matches, mental magic, updated mathematical approaches and classic plot effects. Some of the noteworthy effects are Solomon’s Simple Oil and Water, The Finger Print Trick, Folded Discovery, Matcho From a Shuffled Deck, Blah Day Clock and Spectator Cuts U Count.

David Solomon is one of the nation’s most prolific card veterans, accumulating fifty three years of questioning and challenging magical thinking—always striving for the most interesting and fooling methods. From the last ten years of publishing more than 100 tricks online, in magazines and in DVDs comes a “must have” compilation of some of Solomon’s most original ideas for card magicians.

The 208 pages are filled with destailed instructions. Included are over 200 photos that clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts and procedures. At the end of most effects, the reader is treated to Solomon’s personal reflections in the section aptly titled, “Solomon’s Mind.” Solomon explicitly attributes ideas and inspirations to the greatest magic thinkers, past and present, as his thinking evolves and builds over many decades.

Solomon’s Secrets is a an essential addition to any card enthusiast’s magic library, providing hours of original, thought provoking material to add to their performance repertoire or simply enjoy for the pleasure of it.


The Fingerprint Trick
Poker With Aces
Ambitious Card
Blank Thought Revisited
Scarne's Switchcraft
Primitive Shufflebored
Folded Discovery
Magnetic Cards
Simple Oil and Water

Marlo-Gardner-Britland Poker Deal
Revised Gilbreath Poker
Jamesway Poker
Gilbreath Ten-Card Poker
Ten-Hand Poker Deal
Revised Mexican poker + Vollmer

Colorful Mates
Gemini Match
Matcho From A Shuffled Deck
A Christ Session
Ramoon Rioboo's Inverse

Holiday Thought
Dually Noted
Impromptu Invisible Thought
Free-cut Thought
Vacation Decision
Down The Magic Square Path
Suited Double Deal
Numerology & You
Perfect Spelling
What's In A Name

21 Card trick with PM Power
Simplex 21 Card Trick
Reading the Tea Leaves
A Blah Day Clock
Totally Fooling Sans Shuffle
Reverse-Count Speller
Solomon's Math Challenge
Smaltzy Penelope

Ace Sandwich Circa 2015
Party of Two
A Great Effect
Four-Card Switcheroo & Effect
Seven-Card Assembly
A Sophisticated Conclusion
Spectator Cuts U Count
Succession Aces
Hof Aces Again
Vanish Name and Recover
Jazz A-2-3-4
Thoughts On A Location