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SK Touch by Biz - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - SK Touch by Biz is a really fun, interactive routine. In it, you teach your spectator how to find their own selection. Across not one, not two BUT three increasingly impossible phases they really seem to be doing the magic themselves.

Each phase is a great trick in it’s own right - so this is essentially a mini-set!

And directly involving the spectator in this way really makes them feel like they are part of the process. It works brilliantly as a performance piece to a group... BUT it can also be lovely and intimate for one person!

Using only easy-to-achieve handling, this multiphase routine gives you a LOT of bang for your buck. Biz breaks it all down for you and once you have busted through the 24min tutorial video you’ll be ready to go!

Trivia: That's Biz's girlfriend in the performance clip.
Trivia Update: They broke up.
Trivia Update Update: Not because of this routine.