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Sherlocked 2.0 by Thad Barker - Video Download


“Cutting edge, bare knuckles mentalism! Thaddius has a near perfect PIN divination. Pure, streamlined, propless. Get it now!” Warren Thackeray 

The PIN code divination is one of the most impressive feats you can perform for a modern audience.

Sherlocked is a system that can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other PIN code revelations. While it may take some study initially, once learned, it is easy to recollect and you can use it in virtually any environment - stage, close up, parlor, etc. - regardless of region or language barriers.

It is meant to be a foundation upon which you can build your own glorious performance variations, as many performers and creators already have.

With absolutely no forces, peeks, or awkward unexplained processes, this system will assist you in revealing a participant's freely thought-of PIN code.

You will also learn a variety of old school principles that you can use in many other areas of mentalism which will ultimately aid you in simplifying your methods so that you can work on your presentation.

Download and learn!

“It’s been a week and I still don’t fully know how you guessed my PIN.” Steve Wachner
“That’s awesome! I am Sherlocked!” Ben Cardall, The Deductionist
"The cleanest f@%king PIN reveal I've ever seen!" Peter Turner