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Sharpie Screen by Alan Rorrison - Exclusive Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Killer magic using just a sharpie and your phone! You take a Sharpie and shake it over your phone. Instantly the ink jumps OFF the pen and appears on the phone screen. While your spectators are still reeling at this you up the ante by making the entire pen vanish and then appear on the phone screen! But, hang on, you NEED that pen... no problem - you pick up your phone and give it a shake. The pen visibly drops out of the phone (leaving the screen blank) and lands safely back in your hand!

Comes with special video file, full video instructions and tuition on how to prepare your own sharpie. 

Sharpie Screen will work on any large screen phone and will pair with almost any other magic routine that uses a sharpie! (Whose getting a card signed today?)!

Why not pick up our special 50% off bundle with Freacapped and build an entire miniset that just uses your trusty Sharpie! Loads of magic with the most innocent of props! :)