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Ripped And Repaired eBook by Dave Forrest



The ‘Ripped & Repaired’ booklet contains 30 professionally designed pages of material. Every effect is described in great detail including in depth descriptions of any moves or sleights that may be required and over 60 photographs illustrating the text where required.

A corner is cleanly and fairly torn off a selected card. (It really is!) The magician claims that he can restore this card to its former glory with the aid of a very special and ancient and magic-endowed instrument of necromancy. The spectators clutch their handbags to their faces and peek through the gaps in their fingers. The magician goes to his pocket and produces.......a stapler! He talks half the audience out of leaving before re-attaching the torn corner with the stapler. The "restored" card is signed by the spectator as proof that this miracle was witnessed by human eyes. A man in the back row cocks the hammer on a large handgun, a woman in the front is picturing the magi with an axe in his liver....before things turn violent he gathers everyone around close and with a gentle rub (ooh!) he visually heals the torn corner and hands out the card for inspection, there is nothing to find, just the two staples which once held the card together.

The 'Ripped & Repaired' booklet also contains five bonus effects:

TWIRL AND SHOUT - A card on the table from before the trick began transforms into the signed card.

DEAR DIARY - A pocket diary is used to reveal a signed card, far too strange to be a coincidence.

TAKE NOTE - A prediction written in a notepad visibly changes to a signed selection as it is torn from the pad.

SIGNATURE PIECE - A signed two card transpo with a difference. This blows people away.

BOXING CLEVER - A signed card to matchbox where the simple gimmick does all the work.

"Ripped & Repaired is a stroke of genius, I love it!" - Ben Harris - author of 'Quarks & Quirks' and creator of' Cosmosis', 'Hoodwink' and 'Bikin''

"Easy to do and entertaining, this is a fun piece to perform and reactions are great!" - Shane -

YOU WILL RECEIVE: An 32 page ebook. Immediately available for download after purchase.