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Rehab T&R by Cameron Francis - Video Download




From the man who brought you 'The Omega Mutation' DVD Set comes. REHAB - A Real World Torn & Restored Card

Cameron Francis has created one of the most workable and visual Torn & Restored Card's EVER!

Your spectator selects a card and signs it on the face. You sign the card across the back.

The card is torn into quarters.

Then visually, magically and INCREDIBLY the card is reassembled quarter by quarter.

And at the end of the trick the spectator can take the miraculously restored card home with them!
Easy to perform
Can be performed almost surrounded!
One of the most angle friendly piece by piece card restorations ever conceived!
Perfect for strolling and table hopping!
Simple set up

"Camerons Rehab is great. it does take into consideration the angle issues with most restorations. He has cleverly made these adjustments without sacrificing the effect and artistry.. It is as bold as it is beautiful and I highly recommend it to those who may have not considered the torn card premise. Some of the sequences genuinely fooled me and where I would think 'are yes but you can't show that bit cleanly', but then he does which is great." - Marc Spelmann (posting on The Magic Cafe)

"Rehab is cooler than a snowman's icy bits!" - Liam Montier

"This is one of my favourite C.F. routines. I believe that many people will adopt his handling as it hit's the sweet spot on the easy/W.T.F. meter." - Steve Haynes

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