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Read Me eBook 2 by Dave Forrest

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"Dave is fast becoming THE go-to guy for 'spectator as mindreader' effects. 'Read Me 2' contains three more devious tricks that will fool the pants off anybody!" - MARK ELSDON

'READ ME 2' - the follow up to last years hugely popular 'spectator as mind reader' collection. Inside you'll find three new delightful methods for three more mental card effects where your spectator inexpicably does the impossible and reads YOUR mind!

All three effects are unique, original and totally practical - all three begin with a regular, shuffled deck - no gaffs or gimmicks - and all three require only basic card handling.

Double Sync - A delightfully devious and direct way to discover the name of a thought of card! Two spectators both get to look like absolute legends! Each of them does something inexplicable, neither will understand how, both will be amazed and surprised in equal measure and they get all the glory while you are merely the conduit. It feels like, even if you weren't there, they might just have managed to pull this off anyway. You are going to LOVE this!

Crossed Wires - The premise here presents a departure from the usual 'spectator as mind reader' fare - one of them inexplicably reads your mind by accident! The whole time you're setting them up for one impossible outcome only to reveal that a far stranger, more unlikely result has somehow come about. They really don't know where to go at the end of this one because the map you give them at the start doesn't actually lead anywhere so...what chance have they got?

Skelly Bones - A stunning dual mind reading experiment. You and the participant both think of cards and remove them from the pack. You both name each others card correctly. This is just IMPOSSIBLE to explain from a lay persons perspective. It uses a method that you'll no doubt be familiar with but here, it's used in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way producing a cunning method of discovering a thought of card!

If you like this plot and you liked the first one, you're going to get SO MUCH out of 'READ ME 2'.

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