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Pullflip by Biz - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Switch a selection as you reverse it in the deck with Biz's killer utility move!

Credits : Milos Bozic - Slim Control

'Pullflip' is Biz's new card-ninja weapon which allows you to switch a playing card in the middle of the deck for the one on top of the deck (or the other way around!).

The technique can be used as a switch, a color change or to execute a clean double lift. Once you pick up the method, you'll find out just how natural it feels to execute.

On top of this, Biz will show you 4 applications which will bedazzle any laymen and magician out there.


Pullflip - The Technique
Clipflip - The Technique
Flip Aces - Application
Double Change - Application
Double Agent - Application
Lost and Found Box - Application
Sandwich Toast - Application