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Pseudo Chronicles Vol 1 eBook by Steven Palmer



"Welcome to the first volume of Psuedo Chronicles. The goal of these notes and this series is to showcase effects that mimic real mind reading or extraordinary skill with playing cards. None of the effects contained herein require any sleight of hand beyond a beginner level. That being said, do not under estimate the power of these effects. They are a constant in my working repertoire and always receive great reactions. Thank you for your interest in this work." Steven Palmer

Subtle: A routine that displays how far ahead you can get using psychology in a routine.

This demonstration of thought reading is almost complete method wise before the deck even leaves the box.

The roots of the effect were in my debut book “Method” but I am now giving away my pet handling and effect for the psychological subtlety used. I have expanded the idea and taken it to the new levels.

A brief description of the effect is that spectator shuffles the deck, following which small piles of cards are shown to him while the performer has his head turned. The spectator just thinks of one of the cards that are shown. The rest of the face-down deck is dealt off on top of the potential selections losing his thought of card in the process. The spectator is asked to focus on the selection and the performer proceeds to reveal it.

I think of this routine as the little brother of “Void” but it lacks none of its power. The astute reader will see the multiple possibilities of the linguistic technique at play here in other routines, not just cards.

Also included in this routine is favourite card control of mine that looks and feels invisible to the spectator


Drift: This routine takes an old and often underused idea and has been added new depths technically.

The method in play here has a myriad of applications and potential. The number of applications this has are many and varied to suit any performing style. It will appeal to you whatever you’re performing style due to its ease of use and its versatility.

After teaching the system, I give you two of my personal routines using the described techniques, however, I am confident you will have many of your own ideas as you read the content.

Anyone not familiar with this concept will get be fooled badly.

This is a go-to routine of mine due to its fairness and flexibility.

Kuniva Holdout: A devious, complexing and fooling technique that allows the spectator to freely overhand shuffle the deck maintaining a set up of up to 13 cards.

This technique will fool magicians and so your spectators won’t have a chance.

When you read this I guarantee you smile at the cleverness and see how versatile the techniques in play are.

I also include a personal favourite handling of the think stop idea handling using the Kuniva holdout technique.

This concept has been my go-to technique to fool fellow performers and laypeople alike.


Many of the routines in this series could of been released as stand alone effects.