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Phobic Card by Biz - Exclusive Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - This huge project collects together THREE of Biz’s ingenious visual card ‘pops’ - moments when playing cards gymnastically leap from the deck. Nothing screams card handling expertise to the layman like a playing card defying the laws of gravity and throwing itself from the pack.

#1 POPCAT - when an apparently squared, tabled deck is simply lifted up, one card flies from the centre of the pack. Once you have this mastered, Biz teaches you a method for producing multiple cards.

#2 DRIBBLE POP - a selection is lost in the centre of the deck. You dribble the cards between your hands, and in that very motion the selection hurls onto the table.

#3 POPDOG - with the deck starting in dealers grip you riffle the front edge of the pack, causing a card to fire from the deck.

Brilliantly Biz has routined all of these moves together into a modular, multi-phase routine that gives you the perfect playground for all your new ninja-esque skills.

(Of course you are free to use each new sleight on it’s own, or dropped into routines you already do).

The 48min video download will teach you POPCAT, THE DRIBBLE POP and POPDOG, all broken down and explained across nine packed chapters.

And remember, although the moves will require some practise, they are much easier than they look! And with Biz’s thorough, detailed tuition you’ll have picked them up in no time.


The Full Routine Performed
Popcat Explained 
Popcat Applications
Dribble Pop Explained
Popdog Explained
Putting It All Together
Taking It Further

Running Time - 48min